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The New Approach to Eating that Will Change Your Life

15 August, 2017

The New Approach to Eating that Will Change Your Life

I always had a hard time putting into words my personal philosophy on eating healthy—until I heard the phrase “conscious eating.” It was like a light bulb went off in my head.

To me, conscious eating means being in control of how you fuel your body. It means being connected to how food makes you feel. It means being able to make a conscious indulgence (whether that be a donut or a glass of wine—or both!) and not feel guilty about it. It means being in tune with your goals and eating in a way that helps you get there.

So many times we are on the run, distracted by our environment, and aren’t fully engaged when we put food in our mouths. Have you ever chowed down a meal until the plate was clean and then thought to yourself, “Oh man. I am SO full. Why did I eat that much?”

That was a moment of UNCONSCIOUS eating. You weren’t listening to your body. Your emotions and hunger overruled your body’s physical need for nourishment.

In my clean eating program called Whole 21, I coach members to adopt the concept of conscious eating. I encourage them to plan their meals, be present when they eat, and to prepare for conscious indulgences. In just three weeks, eating consciously resulted in weight loss, better sleep, and healthier lifestyle habits.

Check out these testimonials:

I loved this experience and learned a lot! I lost 9+ pounds and my pants are fitting much more comfortably! I have pinched nerves in my feet which cause a lot of discomfort and pain, but I have noticed a tremendous improvement since starting this way of eating. That was a crazy, positive side effect I was not expecting! Another thing I loved is that it made me stop and think before just grabbing a handful of something, or “just a small bite of something.” That always turned into more than just a handful or small bite! Thanks for getting us started on a much healthier path, Gillean!

We made it to day 21! I’m having mixed feelings about Whole 21 ending. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I’m definitely going to stay away from the sugar and processed foods. I’ve felt amazing without dairy that I’m hesitant to start including it again… it’s been great, Gillean! Thank you so much for the support and intro to whole 21, this is the best I’ve felt in a really long time.

Thanks, Gillean, for the guidance and support. Lost 5 lbs., but more importantly, I feel great. No intention of stopping this program.

I am so thankful for Whole 21! I didn’t realize how out of control my eating habits had gotten. There are definitely things that will become permanent changes. I feel so great and can even fit in pants I couldn’t fit in at the end of the school year.

I have totally loved the group and meal pictures posted in our Facebook group. Thanks everyone for all the support, especially you Gillean. I’m going to go all 30 days!

I lost 11 pounds and hope to continue to eat healthier foods. I would have never made it through this without the group support.

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