21-Day Diet Reset

a 3-week program, lead by a dietitian that’s designed to help make healthy eating simple and convenient by building habits that stick


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Are you looking for meals and snacks that are simple and convenient but still delicious and nutritious?

Do you want to eat healthier but don’t feel like you have the skills or time?

Are you overwhelmed by all the diets and nutrition products you read about online?

Do you want a trusted professional to plan out your meals for the week and hand you a grocery list?

Do you need accountability to help get rid of old, unhealthy habits?

Do you crave community and connection with people who will encourage you to live a healthier life and inspire you to do better?


If any of this sounds familiar, then read on girlfriend…

I got you!

Life is busy and can feel overwhelming sometimes. While these times of high stress and jam-packed days are when we really need to feel our best, they are also the times that our health and nutrition are last on our priority list. My goal is not to add the 21-Day Diet Reset program to your list, but to take nutrition, meal planning, and meal prep off your list! 

How does it work?

  • You will receive my 21-Day Diet Reset Guide that includes 3-weeks worth of 20-minutes or less snacks and meals. It also includes all my go-to hacks and tricks to make nutrition a breeze. This guide will be the foundation for the program.
  • As a group, we will stay connected through a private Facebook group where I will share daily tips, you will be able to connect with others on this journey, and we will raffle off weekly accountability prizes. 
  • And best of all–you get access to me! Having 24-hour access to a dietitian for 3 weeks?? You can’t beat it! I am here to answer any and all of your questions and provide guidance so you feel confident with the habits you developed.

After the 21-Day Diet Reset Program, you’ll feel: 

  • Energized and nourished
  • In control of your diet
  • Prepared with simple snacks and meals
  • Confident that you can build new healthy habits
  • Balanced, not deprived
  • Supported and accountable 

Ready to join in?

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Two weeks in and I am finding I’ve developed not only better habits, but a better mindset when it comes to food. I’m not finding meal time to be such a chore, more just a helpful, and healthful way to nourish my body. The recipes continue to be delicious and very easy to follow. I’ve loved trying new dishes and my family is enjoying them as well which is key! It makes life so much easier when I’m not having to prepare meals for just myself and then something totally different for my husband and daughter (something I have had to do with other programs I have attempted). This program is helping me develop a better relationship and understanding of what I need to properly nourish my body. Being able to include my family in that as well is a huge bonus.

- Shannon H.

Before this program, I really thought of eating as a hassle and really dreaded having to figure out lunch/dinner. This just leads to unhealthy last-minute meals. Now that I have great info like the dinner formula and snack formula choosing what to eat has become more fun and a way to get creative with my favorite foods. I’ve been planning ahead and looking forward to my snacks/meals. As I’ve been learning to be more mindful of what I’m eating and making sure I have the right balance of portions I feel so much better throughout my workday and even had more energy to level up in my workouts. I really enjoy our accountability group. Knowing I have that support helps me make better food choices and also reminds me that I am not alone and when I get stuck I can just share it with our group and get tips, tricks, or encouragement.

- Shine S.

The 21-Day Diet Reset Program is a good fit for you if you:

  • Are looking for meals and snacks that are simple and convenient but still delicious and nutritious
  • Are over that “all in” or “all out” diet mentality and want to have reliable healthy eating habits
  • Are looking for ways to make balanced dinners for you and your family that are 20-minutes or less
  • Want to mix up the meals and snacks you have
  • Need accountability to help get rid of old, unhealthy habits
  • Crave community and connection with people who will encourage you to live a healthier life and inspire you to do better

Ready To Get Started?

What’s Included

  • This 21-day guide bundles up all of my go-to tips, tricks, and hacks to make eating healthy, balanced meals easy.
  • 20 minutes or less “No Recipe” Recipes: No measuring, no rules for easy, healthy meals.
  • Dinner Formula and Snack Formula: The no-brainer way to create a balanced meal and snack.
  • Daily Nutrition and Productivity Tracker: Hold yourself accountable and crush your goals.
  • BONUS! “Eating Out Guide” and “Frozen Meals Guide.”

What To Expect

Each week has a weekly meal plan to give you a vision for the meals and snacks for the week ahead. Every day includes breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. You’ll notice that lunches during the week are leftovers from dinner the night before–talk about EASY. Each week also has an “Eat Out” and a “Leftovers/Frozen Dinner” night because who wants to be in the kitchen every night of the week? No thanks!

Following each meal plan are all the “No Recipe” Recipes for that week which includes the nutrient breakdown for each meal and SUPER helpful notes to help you customize each meal based on dietary preferences, the time you have to make a meal, and swaps you can make with foods you have in your pantry or fridge.

We will stay connected in a private Facebook group where I will share daily tips and be available to answer any questions you may have. There is a place for community and support from others doing the program with you. I will also host a weekly accountability raffle and gift the winner a $25 Amazon gift card!

Before the 21-Day Diet Reset program, I really wanted to make better food decisions, but felt stuck in old ways and didn’t know where to begin. I knew that if I just had someone to guide me along the way and keep me accountable, then I could feel confident in my nutrition choices for my family.

– Nikki C.

I’d love to have you!