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Nutrition Cold Remedies

24 January, 2018

Nutrition Cold Remedies

In the last month, my little family has gone through the stomach bug, flu, respiratory cold, and most recently, strep throat.

It’s been rough.

I HATE being sick because I am constantly on-the-go, and frankly, I just don’t have time to deal with that crap! So, as soon as I feel any sickness coming on, I am quick to turn to my at-home remedies. I swear by these and know you will too when you experience their amazing healing powers!

Vitamin C: It’s best to take a vitamin C supplement daily, but it is especially important when you are feeling rundown. Shoot for 1,000 milligrams each day. As soon as I start to feel crummy, I have a packet of Emergen-C and infuse water with fresh lemon and orange (high in the immune-supporting vitamin) to drink throughout the day.

Hot Toddy: This before-bed boozy drink is my favorite cold remedy. All you need is 8-or-so ounces of hot water, 1 bag of herbal tea (I like Mint Medley), 1 ounce of bourbon (any kind), 1 tablespoon of raw honey, and 1 lemon wedge. Pour the hot water into your mug and steep tea for 2-3 minutes. Remove the tea bag and add honey, stirring to dissolve. Finally, pour in whiskey, add a squeeze of lemon, stir and enjoy.

Spoonful of Raw Honey: One of the best and simplest solutions to sooth a sore throat is a spoonful of raw honey. Pour the honey on a spoon, eat little bits at a time, and let it drip down the back of your throat. The honey will coat your throat and aid in soothing as well as assist in killing the bacteria with its anti-fungal properties.

Garlic: I have to admit that this is not a remedy I have tried, however, I have friends who SWEAR by it and say it’s worth the bad-smelling breath. Chomp on one clove two to three times per day and you could have less severe cold symptoms and speed up your recovery.

A few of my non-food related cold remedies…

Steam Room: Beat your cold by sweating it out. A hot shower or sitting in a steam room will help moisturize your nasal pathways and throat. If you have a gym membership, you most likely have access to a steam room!

Sinus Rinse: Sinus rinse involves squirting saline-based liquid through your nasal passage to help loosen clogged mucus and flush out allergens, viruses, and bacteria. It isn’t the most pleasant experience–in fact, I always have a flashback of having water go up my nose when I jumped into the pool as a kid–BUT, it works. This is the one I use.

Humidifier + Essential Oils: Humidifiers are great to loosening up all the mucus that causes congestion. It also helps sooth a sore, scratchy throat. To take it up a notch, I like to add a few drops of Doterra Breathe essential oil to my humidifier. You can also rub a few drops of this oil between your hands, cup them over your nose, and take 10 deep breaths. You’ll feel it taking action!

Wishing you a speedy recovery!