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Healthy Twist on Craft Cocktails

19 July, 2018

Healthy Twist on Craft Cocktails

I love happy hour. There’s something about sipping a bubbly, tasty drink while gossiping with girlfriends about their latest Tinder blunder or co-worker horror story.

While my go-to is usually a glass of red wine—pinot noir to be exact—innovative, fun cocktails are always tempting. The downside to many craft cocktails on restaurant menus is the calorie count. Syrups, fruit purees, and sugary juices can turn what looks like an innocent mixed drink into a calorie-packed booze blunder.

Luckily, with a few simple tweaks you can enjoy the craft cocktail experience in a healthier way. Here are five of my favorite craft cocktails with a healthy twist:


1. Coconut Berry Bliss

1.5 ounces of berry flavored vodka

2 tablespoons of muddled berries

1 cup of coconut water

Garnish with frozen berries

2. Rosemary Orange Whiskey Spritz

1.5 ounces of whiskey

1 cup of soda water

Splash of ginger ale

Juice from 1 slice of fresh orange

Garnish with a stem of rosemary and orange peel

3. Sparkling Lemon Lime Margarita

1.5 ounces of tequila

1 cup of soda water 

Juice from 2 fresh limes

Pair with a salted rim and lime garnish

4. Spicy Cranberry Vodka

1.5 ounces of vodka

1 cup of soda water

Mix with sliced jalapenos and fresh cranberries

Optional: Add a splash of cranberry juice

5. Skinny Mojito

1.5 ounces of rum

Muddled mint

Juice from 2 fresh limes

1 cup of soda water

1 packet of raw sugar or Stevia