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MILLENNIAL NUTRITIONIST, Gillean Barkyoumb, MS, RD, is a talented speaker, writer, presenter, and media enthusiast based out of Gilbert, Arizona. Being a millennial herself, Gillean has a unique interest in investigating why her generation has a fascination with food and how that passion can be a driving force in changing the food environment of the world to be healthier and more ecofriendly.

For millennials, food is not just a means of sustenance — it’s a defining characteristic of who they are. On Millennial Nutrition, Gillean explores this shift in our food culture. She connects with her fellow Gen Y’ers by sharing health and nutrition tips through Instagram-worthy food pics, credible and intriguing articles, and to-the-point videos. Topics include fun, trendy tips to stay healthy while still living the millennial lifestyle of travel, food festivals and craft beer tastings. Underneath the content of every piece lies a foundation of factual nutrition science—no diet fads or ingredient myths will be promoted here.

For more about Gillean and the services she provides, please refer to the Media Kit link below.

Media Reel

Media Reel