Gillean Barkyoumb, MS, RDN


A Note From Gillean

I had it dialed down to the minute. My morning schedule started at 5 am and it included a 30-min workout, getting my girls ready for school, making bottles for daycare, cooking breakfast, pumping, showering, and heading out the door for work—all by 7:45 am. By the time I got to the office, I felt like I earned the right to be done with my day and relax, but then work started!

If you are a millennial, on-the-go woman like me, you want it all–a passionate relationship with your partner, well-behaved kids, close friendships, a successful and fulfilling career, a rejuvenating spiritual life, a committed exercise routine, and a bulletproof nutrition plan that makes healthy eating simple and convenient. Some people will tell you that it’s impossible to have it all, but I can’t settle for that. I don’t see why we can’t excel in all areas of our lives. The key is to get efficient. And that’s where I come in.

I am going to take nutrition off your to-do list so you can focus on all those other important areas of your life.

When you trust yourself with food you gain the confidence you need to reach your goals. You no longer have to struggle with the “all in” or “all out” diet mentality. Instead, your daily habits become grounded in wellness so making healthy choices becomes a reflex, not a struggle.

I will help you establish these new eating habits through my simple plan with convenient “no recipe” recipes, education on proper portion control, and daily accountability. You will learn how to eat intuitively with health first, and that is when lasting change happens.

Diets for busy moms

Dietitian For Millennial Moms

Guess what? You are never “on the wagon” or “off the wagon.” There is no wagon!

I truly believe every bite is a choice, even if that choice is to have a cookie. When you are in control and trust yourself with food, there is no need to stress when you choose to indulge. You know what to do next.

Don’t wait until tomorrow or Monday or next week to make healthy choices—choose health with your next bite!

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Gillean is a natural when it comes to being on camera. Her ability to organically educate viewers on how to live a healthy lifestyle is captivating and inspiring, leaving viewers waiting for her next segment. Gillean has been featured on Arizona affiliates of ABC, NBC and Fox.

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