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5 Things: Wellness Travel Essentials

25 October, 2017

5 Things: Wellness Travel Essentials

“5 Things” is a blog series featuring my must-have items for everything from food and fitness to beauty and wellness.  

When I travel for work or pleasure, half my bag includes workout clothes, snacks, and other wellness essentials so I can stay refreshed, healthy, and nourished during my trip. Check out my five must-have wellness travel essentials:

  1. Honest Spray Hand Sanitizer

Traveling means exposure to lots and lots of germs, so hand sanitizer is a necessity. I am a big fan of Honest products and use them with my daughter because they do not have any harsh chemicals. This product is infused with soothing botanicals to help avoid redness, drying, or chapping. And it smells divine!


2. Rosewater Facial Spray

I am OBSESSED with this product. This facial spray is infused with aloe, herbs, and rosewater and is perfect for all skin types. I love to spray it on my face when I am freshening up after the plane ride. It gives my skin a refreshing glow before I greet friends or family I am visiting. (Make it travel size by pouring into a cute travel spray bottle like this one!)

3. Kind Nuts and Spices Bar

No matter if it’s a thirty minute drive or a thirteen hour flight, healthy snacks are a must. It’s not always easy to find healthy options at the airport, in a gas station, or near your hotel, so it’s best to always be prepared. While there are many bars I like, KIND bars are my favorite travel bars because they don’t easily get squished and they fill you up! (FYI – Save some money by buying bulk boxes through Amazon!)

4. Tanning Towels 

These are the best residue-, streak-, paraben-free self tanning wipes. Yup, wipes! Tear open the package, wipe the cloth on your skin, and that’s it! The best part is how compact they are—there’s no need to check your bag for a 6-ounce bottle of tanner when you have these bad boys.

5. Inflatable Neck Pillow

The inflatable neck pillow is the most basic (yet absolutely necessary) travel essential. The last thing you want is to be nursing a kinked neck during your trip. This one is my favorite because it deflates so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your carry-on. Plus it comes with an eye mask!