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5 Simple Ways to Reset Your Diet After the Holidays

29 December, 2017

5 Simple Ways to Reset Your Diet After the Holidays

I love the holidays. Parties with friends and family, giving (and receiving!) gifts, enjoying my grandma’s sugar cookies with a cup of warm tea, and endless Christmas movies on TV.

But by the time December comes to an end, I am bloated, sluggish, and ready to get back on track.

Luckily, it’s easy to start feeling better quick with just a few changes to my diet. Here are 5 simple ways to reset your diet after the holidays:

1. Hydrate. Aim to drink about 64 ounces (or four 16-ounce water bottles) per day. Whip out that new Hydro Flask you got from Santa and take with you everywhere. Try drinking a full 16 ounces right when you wake up, and you can add a squeeze of fresh lemon in there too if you want some flavor.

2. Go back to basics. Keep your meals and snacks simple and clean. Your digestive track has been bombarded with sugar and fats for the last couple weeks and it needs some love. Think lean proteins, fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

3. Try a one-day cleanse. Some times you just need a clean slate, and a one-day cleanse is just the trick. Check out my dietitian-approve cleanse day routine.

4. Meal prep. I am a huge believer in spending some time to plan and prepare your meals because it will greatly reduce the time you spend cooking and it will make eating healthier easier. You are more likely to go for the celery and nut butter over chips if you already have the celery cut up and the nut butter portioned out.

5. Join my 21-Day Diet Reset program! Are you ready to take your nutrition to a whole new level? My 21-Day diet reset programs begins January 8th. You will get three weeks of meal plans, recipes, meal prep guides, and support for me and others who will be on the journey with you! Read more about and sign up for the 21-Day Diet Reset program here.