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Whole 21 by Millennial Nutrition

20 June, 2017

Whole 21 by Millennial Nutrition

Welcome to Whole 21 by Millennial Nutrition! I’m pumped to join you on your clean eating journey.

This program is based on the principles of the Whole 30 diet. The only difference is that we are committing to 21 days, which is the amount of time needed to adopt new habits. Additionally, you will get expert guidance from a registered dietitian (me!) and be a part of a community that will provide support and hold you accountable.

When you commit to Whole 21, you will be added to a closed Facebook group where you can interact and engage with others who are on the same journey. I will be posting daily tips, hacks, videos, recipes and more to keep you on track for your three-week commitment to eat clean.

YOUR JOB is to post photos of your meals and snacks in the group to be eligible for the accountability raffle each week. To play, you will get a “virtual” raffle ticket for each day that you are 100% compliant with your Whole 21 commitment. I will simply post in the group at the end of the week and ask you to message me your number of compliant days. It’s all based on honesty! A winner will be drawn for a cash prize. Nothing is more motivating than money, right?!

The next Whole 21 will kickoff on Monday, September 11th! Mark your calendars and tell your friends. And be sure to subscribe to my email list to be notified when you can sign up. Spaces are limited, so don’t miss out!

What YOU get:

  • Guidance from registered dietitian Gillean Barkyoumb on your three-week clean eating journey
  • Ability to interact one-on-one with Gillean to answer any and all of your health and nutrition questions
  • Community support from people who committed to doing the Whole 21
  • A chance to win raffle prizes each week based on your compliance
  • Meal prep ideas and motivational tips from the group
  • Tips and hacks on healthy lifestyle habits including diet, exercise, and stress-relief
  • A fresh new start to a clean and balanced diet
  • And most importantly, a happy and healthy body nourished with clean foods

How to get started:

  1. Review the Whole 30 guidelines and commit to eating clean for 21 days!
  2. “Like” the Millennial Nutrition Facebook page and subscribe to my newsletter to be notified when you can sign up! Remember, the next program starts Monday, September 11th and space is limited!

$5 from every program fee will be donated to Sweetlife Aquaponics, an organization started by my friend Will Heher that supports sustainable farming methods.

My hope is that we all develop at least one new healthy habit from this experience and have fun along the way. I look forward to you joining me!